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This Week in Beer News: Hemp Beer, Snake Venom and is For Sale

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Highest Ranked Craft Beers Show Declining ABV

Beer blogger Bryan Roth made an interesting observation on his blog, This is Why I'm Drunk, that the alcohol percentages of top-ranked beers on are declining. Where imperial stouts have largely dominated the list of top 20 beers for several years, hitting a peak of 11.53 percent ABV in 2007, Roth postulates that the recent decline is mainly due to the introduction of a little variety, such as the low-alcohol sours that Miami's Johnathan Wakefield is known to brew. Is Available and it Costs $8,415

For those interested: the website is on sale for only $8,145. Thanks to Palm Beach County's Stuart Lawley for getting the .xxx domain available, we should start seeing some real beer porn on the internet real soon. Do we have any takers? If so, we'd like to suggest anything that involves beer and penetration.

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