This Week in Beer News: Instant Beer, Avocado Ale, and Cigar City To Bring Nitro Taps to Florida Bars

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As a trend picks up more steam, everyone wants to get a piece of the action. The craft beer world is no different as the greedy beverage monoliths of the world start taking jabs at the little guy, not to mention the battling between the giants. Whatever happened to the gentleman's agreement?

On the other hand, some crazy craft beer inventions have surfaced this week that are making the big guys seem more obsolete: instant beer and beer with electrolytes. (It's what plants crave.) Ahh, better living through chemistry.

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Red Bull Sues Redwell Brewery Over Name

The Austrian energy drink maker Red Bull is suing Redwell Brewery because they say their labels are too similar. Other than having the word "red" in the name, we're still trying to figure out the similarities. The energy drink giant wrote to the small craft brewery in Norwich, England asking to withdraw its trademark application because, Red Bull says, the labels would confuse customers. This totally makes sense -- if you are blind. However, there is good news: Red Bull realized the folly of its claim and withdrew the dispute.

'Just Add Water' Beer Could Launch in September

You never know when the overwhelming thirst for a beer could happen, which is why Pat's Backcountry Beverages invented instant beer, or beer concentrate that becomes an ale after adding water and carbonation. The carbonator is sold separately, though, and the concentrate has an alcohol content close to 80 proof. Now if you're stuck out in the wilderness with no water, no carbonator and no hope, then maybe you should just drink the concentrate. (It's what plants crave.)

Drinking Malt Liquor Could Land You in the Hospital

Here's a little information that craft beer drinkers have known all along: drinking malt liquor is bad for your health! According to a new study, thought to be the first of its kind, researchers interviewed patients at Johns Hopkins University Hospital and found that five brands of beer, namely malt liquor brands such as Colt45, Steel Reserve, King Cobra and Bud Ice, and Budweiser (not a malt liquor) accounted for 46 percent of the beer consumed by people before they were treated for injuries at an emergency room. Amazing. Another interesting find: of the 105 patients interviewed, 69 percent were men. The study was published online Aug. 1 in the journal Substance Use and Misuse.

Heineken Makes Lemon Beer

When life gave Heineken lemons, the Dutch beer company decided to make beer with them. After six years of declining market share in Europe, the company recently launched a radler line of drinks (basically beer mixed with soda) hoping to increase sales in Europe and appeal to female drinkers or men who prefer spirits and wine over beer.

German Brewers Investigated for Price Fixing

According to a Federal Cartel Office document seen by German weekly magazine, Focus, some German brewers have been playing a little dirty. The report alleges that Bitburger Brewery Group and Veltins brewery have been fixing prices for nearly 20 years. Investigators believe that the breweries have been conspiring by telephone conversations or through informal meetings.

Illinois Allows Craft Brewers to Double Quantity

Illinois Governor Patrick Quinn signed HB 1573 into law which doubles the amount of beer a craft brewer may manufacture from 15,000 barrels to 30,000 barrels. Additionally, the law does not affect the ability for a craft brewer to self-distribute up to 7,500 barrels or to simultaneously hold a retailer license.

Australians Invent Hangover-Preventing Beer

Researchers from the Griffith University's Health Institute created an electrolyte-infused beer, you know, to prevent hangovers. They created two versions, a light and a regular beer, then gave them to test subjects following vigorous exercise to test fluid recovery. The light beer led to a quicker recovery, but the regular one turned out to be one third more effective at re-hydration. But before you get your hopes up, professor Ben Desbrow was quick to point out that getting hammer-smashed on electrolyte beer is definitely not a good idea.

Budweiser and Coors Battle Over Most Refreshing Can

Anheuser-Busch has filed a complaint with the National Advertising Division of the Council of Better Business Bureaus against Coors, demanding scientific evidence that it has the most refreshing can. MillerCoors, of course, calls the complaint "frivolous". Meanwhile, as MillerCoors and A-B duke it out over can claims, craft beer drinkers enjoy delicious beer.

Angel City Brewery Brews Avocado Beer

OK, here's one you've probably never heard of before until now: avocado beer. The idea come from brewmaster Dieter Forstner, who is commemorating his 100th batch of Angel City beer with a brew made with avocados, along with cilantro and other flavors found in guacamole. Forstner draws his inspiration from his family's background as avocado farmers.

Cigar City Will Release Nitro Draft Beers

Starting in September, Cigar City will be releasing nitrogen beers to Florida accounts, and rotate new beers each month. The brewery has been running two nitro taps in their tasting room, but decided that Floridians elsewhere should enjoy them too. Nitrogen beers pour with very fine bubbles, creating a thick head and have a creamy mouthfeel. The method of pouring with nitrogen originated with Guinness' Irish stout on draft.

Here is a list of nitro beers coming to Florida bars:


  • September: Minaret ESB
  • October: Hornswoggled Red Ale
  • November: Puppy's Breath Robust Porter
  • December: Minaret ESB


  • January: Cafe Con Leche Sweet Stout
  • February-March: Patio Tools Dry Irish Stout
  • April: Vanilla Maduro Brown Ale
  • May: Hornswoggled Red Ale
  • June: Horchata Ale
  • July: Minaret ESB
  • August: Vanilla Maduro
  • September: Minaret ESB
  • October: Good Gourd Imperial Pumpkin Ale
  • November: Puppy's Breath Robust Porter
  • December: Minaret ESB

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