This Week in Beer News: Tequila Cider, Beer Saves Man and J. Wakefield Brewing Coming to Wynwood

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Hey, are you done with that coffee yet? Have a beer. Have a coffee beer. Then have another, and another. It's good for your health. Just remember that three beer rule.

Some people may be surprised at the sudden increase in beer literature in the last few years, and that's OK. When something because popular, crazy shit happens and it's real, it's all real. Grab a beer, leave sobriety behind you and enter the fray of This Week in Beer News.

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Terrapin Violates Brewery Tour Rules

Terrapin Beer Company in Athens, GA was cited twice by the Georgia Department of Revenue for violating brewery tour rules as put forth by the state. According to the citations, the brewery was accused of giving beer samples away without a tour and for not informing patrons that they do not have to purchase a glass to participate in tours or tastings. But the brewery attorney said the agent misread the sign at the entrance and thought a wristband and a glass was required.

Beer Saves Man From Death

Not only does beer appear to be good for your health, it can also save your life. A couple of guys from Kent, England chugged several beers and stripped off their clothes and jumped into the chilly waters of the Herne Bay (nice going guys). Both men were rescued, not before one lost consciousness and started drifting away with the tide. The coastguard said the beer might have prevented him from feeling the cold and saved his life.

Church Members Attract New Members With Beer

Churches across the country with declining congregations are starting to use craft beer to attract new members. Not a bad way to go. Instead of church, call it a bar. Tell all of your sins to the man behind the counter and don't forget the tip jar, er, donation basket. This is kind of like an Abbey brewery, except all inclusive.

Cider Makers Forecast Crazy Flavors in the Market

Cider makers are warning that a wave of new cider flavors could flood the market. Flavors like Hi Spirits tequila and lime cider could be more prevalent on the shelves of retailers. Chris Wisson, Mintel senior drinks analyst, said that there is a limit to how big a category can grow. But Hi Spirits Managing Director Dan Bolton said that flavored beers are the next logical step in the market.

J. Wakefield Brewing Opening in Wynwood Arts District

Miami welcomes the latest addition to it's beer scene: J. Wakefield Brewing Company. The brewery will be located in a 5,600 square foot facility located at 120 NW 24th Street. Brewer/owner Johnathan Wakefield is known for his line of "Florida Weisse" beers, or a style of Berliners that are brewed with locally-grown tropical fruit. The brewery will include a tasting room and should be open sometime next year.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.