Tin Fish Brings Cali-Style Fish Tacos to West Palm Beach

There are only two things that San Diego has over South Florida. One is the surfing.

The other is the fact that San Diego is the home of killer fish tacos. As in stuff-your-face-until-you-burst  it's-so-worth-the-six-hour-flight good.

That's why we're welcoming the arrival of Tin Fish restaurant to Clematis Street in West Palm Beach. 

The original Tin Fish opened in 2000 on Imperial Beach pier in San Diego, home to surfers and the inexpensive fish tacos they rely on for energy and sustenance. Since then, the small chain run by a family of fishermen has grown to 13 locations.

Tin Fish's tacos come in a choice of cod ($3.95), mahi ($5.95), or

chicken ($3.50) and are served Cali-style on soft flour tortillas with

lettuce, cheese, white sauce, and salsa. 

The casual restaurant also offers a variety

of grilled and fried seafood combos -- none more than $18.95. For instance,

a platter of sweet fried clam strips comes with fries and coleslaw for

$11.95. A grilled shrimp plate is $12.95, and a fish sandwich of fried

cod is a mere $4.95.

As for South Florida waves? We'll just be at Tin Fish stuffing our faces with tacos, waiting for someone to say the magic words -- "Surf's up!"

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