Tiny Hamster Thanksgiving Is the Best Holiday Gift Ever

It's not even Thanksgiving and Christmas has come early in the form of a teeny package. The tiny hamster, that eating machine disguised as a fur ball with whiskers, is back.

This time, he's invited a few friends for Thanksgiving dinner.

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Of course, our friend, the human chef, returns. Dressed as a Pilgrim, he once again stresses over the smallest detail, donning magnifying glasses to complete the tasks of creating a cranberry sauce mold in a thimble and caving a minuscule turkey.

And, in case you were wondering, ABC News confirmed that all the food used in the making of this latest "short" was "all safe for animals to consume, according to the creators of the video," Hello Denizen.

According to ABC, this shoot proved to be a bigger challenge than the others. Says Hello Denizen's Joel Jensen: "The rat kept trying to eat his food under the table or scurry off with it, and for some reason the hamsters were more mischievous than usual!"

It's all worth it when Hamster and his friends -- an angora bunny, a rat, and another hamster -- dig in with their widdle, widdle hands.

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