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'Tis the Season for Ugly Sweaters and Beer Floats at Riverside Market

Break out the tacky sweaters and prepare to indulge in a very grown-up ice cream social at the Riverside Market in Fort Lauderdale.

Wednesday, December 18th at 8 p.m., Riverside is teaming up with the Boston Beer Co. for a round of ice cream beer floats featuring seasonal Sam Adams brews.

"Ice cream and beer?" you might ask. It's something that has been gaining steam, and earlier this year, local brewers and bartenders shared their suggestions for the perfect float.

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For this event, make sure you wear your ugliest sweater -- even though it'll probably still be a balmy 77 degrees -- as whomever throws fashion the furthest out the window will win a prize. And prizes at Riverside are generally awesomely beer related.

"Riverside Market which is always judgment free and proud, unfortunately still has a fashion sense," says Julian Siegel. "So when we say ugly sweater, we mean ugly sweater by anyone's standards. The uglier the better."

What sort of ice cream and beer combinations can one expect?

"The Sam Adams Utopia Ice Cream float would definitely be the best in the world," Siegel says. "But if you haven't won the lottery and can't shower yourself with luxuries like Utopias, the Merry-Maker float will certainly live up to its name."

Samuel Adams Merry-Maker is a 9% abv gingerbread stout brewed for the holidays. Mashed with Samuel Adams two row pale malt blend, wheat, Special B, Paul's roasted barley, and flaked oats, it has a body to stand up to the creamy richness of ice cream. The addition of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, & ginger in the beer will give it an impressively spicy holiday flavor.

So, get chock full of adult ice cream, and dress up to look your worst. There's no better time than the holidays! Check out their Facebook event for more information.

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