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To-Go Breakfasts That Don't Suck, for Under Five Bucks

I've been on a quest for breakfast tacos, and while I've found a decent one, it's led me on a quest for meals to go that don't involve a drive-through, grade-D meat, and trans fat. Surprisingly, I've found a few that take me through to dinner for under a fiver. Read on for this morning's list. 

Breakfast tacos at El Guanaco

Look at that taco. It's nothing fancy, but freshly scrambled eggs and salsa verde is only $2.50. I bet you can ask for some fixings to spice things up. 

Queso a la Plancha at Eats Good 33
Pile roasted potatoes and egg whites on toast for $5 even, or go for cream cheese and jelly and you're 50 cents over. 

Fried egg, bacon, and cheese on rye at Riverside Market
Or mix it up with a bagel, English muffin, or croissant, sausage, or ham for $5.

Steel-cut oatmeal at Jamba Juice
Only 80-year-olds like oatmeal, except I do too, especially when it's steel-cut. The stuff at Jamba Juice is satiating and under 400 calories if you order the banana, blue/blackberry, apple cinnamon, or plain. Made with soy milk, it's $3.35.

Fresh-baked croissant with butter and jam at Rendez-Vous
So it's not a stick-to-your-bones breakfast, but it's a beautiful croissant for $3. With a side of smoked bacon, that brings you to $5.

South Florida does breakfast well. What have I missed? I'm guessing many among Gran Forno and little hole-in-the-wall delis. Enlighten us.

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