Today Only, Get a $100 Gift Certificate for $4 on Restaurant.com

A $25 gift card at Trina costs $1.80 today only on Restaurant.com.

I don't know what's up with

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, if no one's buying or if they're just trying to blow out gift cards, but the prices keep dropping.

For today only, gift cards on the site are 90 percent off. That means a $25 gift card that ordinarily costs $10 for restaurants like 3030 Ocean or Eduardo de San Angel now costs only $1. A $100 gift card to D. Rodriguez Cuba now costs $4. A $50 gift card for Taurus Steakhouse costs $2.

That's practically free food.

For restrictions and other good restaurants to try, check out our previous post on Restaurant.com.

For today only, the coupon code is:


Enter the code at checkout, hit apply, and save.

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