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Tonight -- Fort Lauderdale Water Taxi's "Cruise For Brews" Pub Crawl

What is the favorite activity of any college student traveling abroad? No, it's not sightseeing. And no, it's not museums. It's the pub crawl. That unique cultural experience in which drunken young people wander from bar to bar with some sort of supervision. And, discounted drinks. 

Fort Lauderdale has its very own version of the pub crawl. And fittingly, it travels by water. This Thursday, the Water Taxi features its "Cruise for Brews Pub Crawl." Details after the jump.

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If you haven't enjoyed enough holiday liver damage, this Thursday--and the first Thursday of every month--the Water Taxi will be offering its very own booze cruise. Starting at 7:00pm, the Water Taxi crew hands out special logo cups which grants passengers discounted drinks at a number of Fort Lauderdale bars.

The bars involved are:
The cruise is included in the evening ticket price, which is $13 after 5:00 pm. Guests can hop on and off as desired. Tickets can be purchased on the boats. Cash, credit cards, and travellers checks are accepted.

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Sara Ventiera