Tonight: World Series Watch Party at Duffy's

It's October -- the time of year when the Florida Marlins either go to the World Series or end up with their best players being traded away and fans bitching about evil owner Jeffrey Loria.

Tonight, it's the Texas Rangers and San Francisco Giants who are meeting at AT&T Park in California for the start of the World Series. And the Marlins... after a season full of pie-related injuries and vuvuzuela mishaps, a season in which they actually traded Cody Ross and Jorge Cantu to the teams that ended up in the World Series... well, they are sending their Mermaids dance squad and mascot Billy the Marlin to Duffy's sports bar in Plantation to pass out swag.

It's not a bad consolation prize for Fish fans: There will be giveaways on every table and chances to win tickets to opening day in 2011. And your first drink is free if you wear Marlins gear.

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