Too Much Caffeine Is Never Enough -- Starbucks Announces the Trenta

From spring break movies of the '50s and '60s to the Winter Music Conference, South Florida has a party-all-night reputation. Unfortunately, most of us also have a work-all-day job to go to. How can we mere mortals enjoy all the restaurants, concerts, clubs, and afterparties and still manage to drag our hungover asses to work the next day without looking like something that crawled out of a drain? The new Starbucks Trenta drinks may be the answer to our overtired prayers!

Starting today, Starbucks addicts for whom a 24-ounce venti is just not enough can trenta-size certain drinks. The Trenta cup holds a gigantic 31 fluid ounces of liquid goodness. So far, the only beverages being offered in Trenta size are Starbucks iced coffee, iced tea, and lemonades. No hot beverages or frappuccinos are being offered yet, though they can't be too far behind.

Florida is one of 14 Southern and Southwestern states -- Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Missouri, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Hawaii, Nevada, and Arizona -- to "Trenta" their beverages starting now. California will "Trenta" on February 1, and the rest of the country can "Trenta" its way into sleeplessness on May 3.

The Starbucks Trenta drinks will price out at about 50 cents more than the Ventis. So next time you're invited to a rave the night before your presentation to the board of directors, don't choose between partying or real life -- thanks to Starbucks Trenta, you can party like a rock star and still be reasonably functional the next morning.

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