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Top 10 Easy Grilled Side Dishes for Fourth of July

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5. Corn on the cob -- Grilled corn with bits of char all over is really incredible. Making it is super easy too. There are two ways: First, leave it in the husk but remove all the stringy grass from the inside. Wet the husk and it will sort of steam the corn inside. The other way is remove the husk and all and grill the corn bareback. The kernels are a little bit drier that way, but the smoky flavor is better. Top with butter and sprinkle on salt and ancho chili powder to finish.

4. Cherry tomatoes - Skewered tomatoes don't steam and lose too much juice thanks to the piercing. So try this instead: Toss a package of cherry tomatoes in olive oil

and sea salt and set them on your grill's top grate. Close the lid and

cook slowly for about ten minutes and you'll have the absolute best

tomatoes you've ever tasted. The heat and flame turns them into little

sweet-savory orbs that pop open when you bite into them. Be careful not

to pop them on the grill!

3. Grilled eggplant dip - Here's something to toss in the smoker or grill with that slow-cooking barbecue: eggplant. Simply cook over very low heat until the eggplant is completely soft and roasted. Then scoop out the insides and treat like you would an oven-roasted one. Turn it into savory dip like baba gannouj

2. Bacon-wrapped jalapeños - Slice the core off of fresh jalapeños

and remove the seeds with a knife. Then stuff with cream cheese and

wrap in salty bacon. A toothpick will keep them together as you grill

them till the bacon is crisp and the jalapeños get soft. These are so

good, you'll want to make them all the time.

1. Bananas with rum and brown sugar - This is great: Take slightly

underripe bananas and slice on a bias like you were making bananas foster.

Then soak the pieces in a bit of dark rum for 30 minutes. Roll them

around in brown sugar until they're coated, and grill over high heat

for just a minute or two per side. The sugar should caramelize, and the

banana will get all soft and sweet. Serve it over ice cream for a cool

dessert to end the Fourth.

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