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Top Chef Masters Recap: The Biggest Loser Challenge

The cheftestants walk in and find a bunch of cheeses with hottie Curtis Stone.

Quickfire Challenge

Make a masterful cheese dish. The guest diner is a cheese connoisseur to be named. Hmmm..wonder if it's Mickey Mouse (I mean Elmo was a judge on a recent Top Chef All-Stars Quickfire).

The cheftestants have 12 minutes to prepare their cheesy meal. Hugh says it takes him longer than 12 minutes to shave (once again I'm trying to figure out if I love or hate him).

The special guest judge is Norbit from the Cheese Store of Beverly Hills. I wonder if they have Gucci cheese. He's a total cheese nerd. I'm not sure if I've ever seen a cheese nerd before, but by golly this is what one would look like in the proverbial dictionary.

The cheftestants make:

Suvir - cheese pakora with mozzarella

Celina - Manchego with crispy carrot, fig, and sherry

Hugh - Crisp Camilla goat cheese

Naomi - Chaumes cheese with steak

Mary Sue - cheese tortilla

George - onion and Grana Padano gratin

Alex - prosciutto quesadilla

Floyd - cotija cheese and roasted corn

Traci - Colombier cheese carpaccio

The winner is Traci's Colombier

Elimination Challenge

No bugs this time around. But oh so much worse. The challenge is to see how amazing chefs can create amazing food for a low calorie diet. That means throw out all your creams, sauces and butter. The chefs can't rely on those tricks this time around.

Alison Sweeney from The Biggest Loser asks the cheftestants to make Biggest Loser contestants favorite meals (but healthy versions). The cheftestants are to form into three teams, each team making three meals and a brownie for dessert and not go over 1,500 calories for all three meals (and brownie).

The cheftestants shop at Fresh Market and can't find low calorie stuff - that's because fresh market doesn't have crappy chemicalized stuff.

The cheftestants make:

Naomi - French toast with stevia syrup and fresh berries

Mary Sue - Turkey hash with eggs

Celina - Turkey bacon, egg and cheese sandwich

Floyd- Buffalo meatballs faro, spinach and cheese

Alex - Oven fried chicken and sweet potato puree

Traci - Broccoli beef, cabbage salad and wonton soup

George - Whole wheat pizza

Suvir - Veggie burger and Asian slaw.

As Suvir explains his dish, he takes the time to rant about how red meat is an enemy to the heart. Which is really funny. Because the next person up is Hugh...with red meat (Hugh is not exactly amused).

Hugh - Flank steak.

Hugh says it's not as sinister as Suvir makes it out to be.

Total calories by team:

Blue Team: 1221 calories

Red Team: 1263 calories

Green Team: 1368 calories

Judges Table

The Blue Team ( Naomi, Floyd & George) are called to the Judges table. They're the winning team. Floyd's meatball sub is the winning dish.

Suvir, Mary Sue and Alex are the losing team.

James Oseland asks Suvir why did he serve mock meat? Not surprisingly, Suvir gets kicked to the curb.

Next week the cheftestants take over a fast food drive through.

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