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Top Chef Recap: Cooking For The King

​Wer'e in the finals in the Bahamas.

The cheftestants walk into a fort where they meet the winners of their seasons and Eric Ripert.

Quickfire Challenge

Tom Colicchio says they're going to go head to head against the winner of their particular season. The winner gets $10,000. That means that if the challenger wins, they get the $10,000. The cheftestants have to make a dish with the ingredient that Tom picks specifically for them.

The cheftestants make the following: 

  • Stephanie and Richard get veal - Richard wins

  • Mike and Michael Voltaggio get duck - Mike wins

  • Carla and Hosea get lamb -  Hosea wins

  • Tiffany and Kevin get pork - Tiffany wins

  • Stephanie and Antonia get veal - Stephanie wins


Elimination Challenge

Their challenge is to create a dish for Bahamian Royalty. The cheftestants are prepping their dishes for "Bahamian Royalty" but you know there's a catch somewhere. Mainly because The Bahamas has no king or queen since England gave them their freedom (although Antonia is convinced that The Bahamas does, in fact, have a king).

The cheftestants get into a car with a police escort. They're taken to Junkanoo at Fish Fry. OMG, Carla says. Man, I love Junkanoo! The cheftestants are dancing with the Junkanoo dancers and Tom walks out of Twin Brothers restaurant (I ate there) and introduces the cheftestants to the King of Junkanoo. So it fnailly sinks into their little chef heads that they're making dinner for the King...of....Junkanoo...

As the cheftestants start to cook in the small kitchen equipped with only fryers, a microwave and a flat top, one of the fryers catches fire. I mean flames! There's smoke, the fire department comes and Tom says that the food was contaminated when the fire department put the flames out. Tom says they're starting over - prepping and cooking. They can, however, change their dish if they want to.

Back at Twin Brothers and they have countertop fryers to use, instead of the old fire hazards. Carla's pork is raw in the middle and this does not bode well. She tries to fix it.

At the judges table is the King of Junkanoo, Tom, Padma, Gail and Eric Ripert. The ccheftestants make the following: 

  • Carla - Raw pork loin with sweet potatoes and apples. Eric says his apple is close to a dessert. Gail says her pork is underdone.
  • Antonia - Fried shrimp with grits and slaw on top. Eric says Antonia's shrimp is overcooked. Tom says Howard Johnsons called and they want their garnish back.
  • Mike - Sous Vide chicken and lobster hash. Eric says it's very pleasant to his palate. The King of Junkanoo says it's a dish fit for a king.
  • Richard - Roasted braised lamb leg and cannelloni and turnip. Tom says his favorite part of the dish was cannelloni.
  • Tiffany - Roasted pork, dirty rice, tomato relish and slaw. Eris says that the pork is tender. Gail says that the dish is too simple.

Judges Table

Padma wants to see all the cheftestants at Judges Table.

Gail said Carla's pork was raw. Eric says his piece of pork was perfectly cooked.

Eric said that Antonia's shrimp was overcooked. Gail said the meat in the grits was mystery meat.

Eric said he would have liked to have seen Tiffany make a more complex dish.

Tom said that Mikes components worked together. Gail said the sauce was great but the meat was dry. Tom said that Richard's lamb was good. Gail said that the cannelloni was a great idea. The winner is Mike.

Tiffany, Carla and Antonia are all up for elimination. Padma asks Carla to pack her knives and go.

Next week - Padma in a bikini, diving for conch and Tiffany's afraid of sharks.

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