Top Eight Pinterest Snacks for the DIY Stoner

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By Marisa Cutaia

Some time in the not too distant future, some form of legal marijuana might be coming to Florida.

Just the idea of it gives us the munchies. But we aren't satisfied with a bag of Cheetos; our foodie palates are far too refined to settle for that. So we went cruising on Pinterest to see how creative we could get. We don't know if the genius creators of these snacks had potheads in mind when they created them, and we don't care.

When foodie munchies attack, it's off to the kitchen.

Now some of these snacks are more complicated than others, so we recommend whipping them up in advance.

8. Ultimate Trail Mix

Solving the conundrum of salty or sweet, this trail mix combines cereal, gummy bears, caramel corn, and pretzels into one finger-food snack. The beauty of this treat is you can substitute almost anything and still receive the same overload to your taste buds.

7. Bacon Cinnamon Rolls

Create a treat simply by rolling your favorite bacon slices into cinnamon rolls. Then pop them into the oven to bake, while you bake. When the timer goes off, you're greeted with a sticky sweet and savory bun of goodness.

6. Toaster Pastry Ice Cream Sandwich

Simple and easy. Grab your favorite toaster pastry and your best ice cream. Plop a scoop between the pastries and you're done. The creativity comes when deciding what flavors to go with. Maybe some Ice Cream Sundae with some Mint Chocolate Chip? How about Cinnamon Brown Sugar with Coffee? The combinations are endless.

5. Fried Sandwich Cookies

A bit more care is needed to make fried sandwich cookies due to the volatility of grease and deep fryers. If you give this one a try, do be careful. Sandwich cookies do something wonderful when fried. The crispness of the cookie melts into a softer wafer, and the cream center becomes oozy. Finish with some powdered-sugar dusting and you are golden, just like your cookie creation.

4. Pickle Chips

Only one thing makes sense after a long night of baking -- something savory. (You thought we meant the other kind of baking, didn't you?) Slice some pickles up and fry them hot. Popping them is like a little slice of heaven.

3. Copycat "Samoas"

One entrepreneuring young Girl Scout sold her cookies outside of a medical marijuana dispensary in Colorado, banking her troop oodles of green. But Girl Scout cookie season lasts only so long, and even your freezer stash will eventually run out. Try out this copycat "Samoa" recipe for a coconut and chocolatey finger food.

2. Jalapeño Bacon Macaroni and Cheese

Now this is some twisted mac and cheese. The mix of spicy jalapeño, salty bacon, and gooey cheese will have your tongue dancing. After all, it's not all about the snacking. Some cravings demand a meal.

1. Chocolate Covered Cheetos, Doritos, and Chips

Seriously, you can dunk Cheetos, Fritos, Chips, and Doritos in melted chocolate and create something that will please both pot smokers and pregnant women. Guys, do not miss out on this one.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.


Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.