Top Five Fast-Food Ice Cream Treats

Bet you can't say that three times fast. And even if you can, so what: You're wasting precious time that could be spent eating ice cream. After all, it's National Ice Cream Month, a true cause for celebration -- and where better than to enjoy the frosty dessert than sun-soaked South Florida?

But if you can, in fact, say "finest fast-food fixes" or "sun-soaked South" three times fast, then you're probably in a hurry. Don't have time for a sit-down bowl or gourmet cone? Try one of our favorite drive-through options for ice cream on the go:

1. Original Chocolate Frosty at Wendy's. Both your taste buds and your mind will be tickled by this no-fail favorite. First, it's cool, it's creamy (real milk, ladies and gents), and it comes in a cup for easy enjoyment while cruising at 60 mph. As for the mind part, New Times Editor Eric Barton informs me that Wendy's ripped off the recipe from Winstead's, a famous Kansas City burger joint. Nothing says summer in Florida like a sweet, sweet scam.

2. Cookie Dough Blizzard at Dairy Queen. Another qualifier in the cup category, DQ gets a nod for the sheer quantity of genius topping combos. For instance, if you fall into their "Cookie Lover" category, you could spring for Oreo... or Mint Oreo. Or Oreo Cookie Jar. Or Oreo Cheesequake! I don't think I need to continue. In the heat of the day, we're purists: Some cookie dough dollops will do just fine.

3. Kiddie Cone (plus some creativity) at McDonald's. On its own, the ice cream at Micky D's is nothing too exciting. The sundaes taste so... thin, and don't get me started on the McFlurry's. But the Kiddie Cone provides just enough passable vanilla ice cream to heap on top of McDonald's' significantly more delicious Baked Apple Pie. You saw it here first, sports fans: Fast-food apple pie à la mode. Yum.

4. Old-Fashioned Rootbeer Float at Sonic. Perhaps the ultimate "on the go" experience, Sonic servers cruise out to your car on roller skates to deliver your order. Sonic's ice cream is pretty good, but its locations are sparse in Palm Beach and nonexistent in Broward. If you find it, though, take full advantage of the '50s charm with a rich rootbeer float.

5. Jamocha Swirl Shake at Arby's. Coffee ice cream is love. Swirl some chocolate in and you've got Arby's signature shake. Transportable and caffeinated? No wonder it made this journalist's list.

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