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Top Ten Beers to Try at the New Times Original Beerfest

The New Times Original Beerfest kicks off this Saturday at 7 p.m, bringing hundreds of unique craft brews to Fort Lauderdale's Esplanade Park. This year, the minds behind the fest have worked extra hard to showcase some cool, rare brews that go far beyond the typical Bud. But navigating all those tents slinging suds can be a bit confusing, especially when you factor in the sheer number of brews. To help you make sense of it all, here's Clean Plate Charlie's Top Ten Beers to Try at Saturday's event.

Avery Reverend:

Colorado's Avery is a balls-to-the-wall brewer that makes bold beer

with big flavor. Its three beers at the fest include White Rascal (an

unfiltered Belgian wheat), IPA, and the Reverend -- a spicy, candy-like,

quadruple Trappist ale that may have you taking the Lord's name in


Star Hill Jomo Lager:

Virginia's Starr Hill is bringing a bunch of interesting beers to the

fest, including "The Love," an unfiltered hefeweizen. But Jomo, a

balanced lager with German-style yeast and malt, has won three medals

at the Great American Beer Festival. Check it out.

Drifter Pale Ale: Oregon's Widmer Brothers Brewery crafts this coppery pale ale with piney Summit hops for a dry, crisp finish.

Winterhook Ale:

This approachable, highly drinkable winter ale is medium-bodied, with

toasty, caramel flavors and a dry hop finish. Red Hook out of

Washington keeps improving on the recipe year after year.

Magic Hat Wacko: It

ain't just a catchy name, folks. If you don't believe me, click the

link and check out the Wacko theme song on this Vermont beermaker's site.

It's silly as shit. Wacko is made with beet extract, which is sort of

insane to begin with. You'll either love it or hate it, as I'm

beginning to find is the case with all Magic Hat stuff.

Yuengling Bock:

The nation's oldest independent brewery, Yuengling has brought its

bock back for 2010. It has a deeper, amber color, creamier head, and

richer flavor than the company's well-known lager. 

He'brew Genesis:

You've heard of Schlitz? Well, here's Shmaltz, brewers of Chosen Beers

for the Chosen People. Genesis is the company's first "creation," a

medium-bodied ale with a light hop finish.

Brooklyn Summer


Brooklyn's lager is one of the most flavorful light beers out there. So

if this refreshing Summer Ale is anything like it, we'll be in for a


Holy Mackerel Special Golden Ale:

The local boys and gals from Fort Lauderdale's Gordash Brewery make

this complex, 8.5 percent alcohol brew using pilsner malt, saaz hops,

and Belgian yeast. It's an interesting Florida beer worth checking



Monk in the Trunk: Jupiter's Inlet Brewing makes this Belgian-style copper ale that's highly quaffable even in the Florida sun.

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