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Top Ten Broward-Palm Beach Sports Bars to Watch Football In

The preseason excitement, the fantasy drafts, the fatty food; it could only mean one thing: Football seasoning is ramping up. All across South Florida, sports bars slinging wings and burgers, beers and shots will be prepping for their Sunday rituals. But finding a good sports bar isn't just as easy as popping into a barstool. You need a place that offers good food at decent prices, a sizable beer list, comfortable digs, and a whole lot of TVs so you can watch the game you want. Well, here are five local sports bars that won't give you a false start this football season:

Mugs - Do you hate dive bars? Do you want sports, sports, and more sports

without the risk of developing lung cancer secondhand? You couldn't get

a more smoke-free, simple environment than Mug's on Oakland.

Ironically, there are no mugs, just pints, and sports -- 14 TVs' worth

to monopolize your attention. Young, college-aged faces fill the space.

Gators and Hurricanes beware, though; this is 'Noles territory. Mugs

serves game-day staples like hamburgers, wings, nachos, and fries.

Bru's Room

- Entering a Bru's through the teal and orange patio bar area

brings to mind entering Sun Life Stadium, which makes sense considering

it's owned by '80s-era Dolphins linebacker Bob Brudzinski. Most

locations are fitted with an outdoor

patio area with plenty of seats, whether at a table or a stool at the

large bar, and dozens of flat-screen TVs are strategically placed

every foot or two. Inside is another large bar, dozens more flat

screens, and a pool table and dartboard. In addition to a full bar, a

full menu is available, and fried

pickles with spicy ranch sauce are Bru's hallmark dish. Don't forget

the chicken wings -- our favorite is the Triple Threat (BBQ, Sweet 'N'

Tangy, and grilled with minced garlic). Fun fact for

night owls: Bru's reverse happy hour runs from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. So you

can stay on long after the games are over.

Bokamper's Sports Grill

- Bokamper's has great food, drinks, and enough televisions to show


game in history. Just be sure to get here early if you're planning on

watching the Sunday games, as it becomes standing room only around

kickoff. If you come with a big appetite you can try to tackle the

Beast, a five-pound burger with four fried eggs, ten strips of bacon,

and eight slices of American cheese. Finish it and you get your name

engraved in a plaque on the wall -- and a massive case of indigestion.

Champps Americana

- Champps is laid-back, almost quiet, and certainly more restaurant


sports bar. Huge television screens line the ceiling, so it's often

possible to watch two or more games at a time. The wait staff can be so

attentive that your next beer is never too far away. They check in

every few

minutes to make sure you've got everything you need. This is a good

place to take the family to watch the games but not so much if you

want to

scream at televisions with other drunks.

Hurricane Grill and Wings

- One of a projected 400 franchises scheduled to roll out over the next

five years, Hurricane has already taken Plantation and Palm Beach

Gardens by storm, with 60 or more franchises opening in Broward and

Palm Beach, practically one to every chicken-wing-loving family. Chris

Russo founded the original Hurricane in Fort Pierce in 1995 starting

with his hot garlic and Parmesan wings, on the menu today and still his

favorite. Today, Hurricane offers roughly 30 chicken-wing sauces, from

fruity to flaming; bone-in wings or boneless (made from hand-cut

chicken breasts, and frozen); plus grouper fingers, fish dip, cheese

steaks, and the best French fries you've ever tasted. Most locations

have a fun, laid-back vibe with people watching sports, playing Xbox

360, and drinking at the bar.

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