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Top Ten Dive Bars in Broward County

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2. Greenbrier Bar

Is it a restaurant? Is it a smoking lounge? Is it a bar? Is it a... strip club? The lounge with three large bars is a humble watering hole serving many loyal patrons who reminisce of the days when bartenders were a bit more risqué. At one time, bartenders were known to remove their tops to pick up a Jenga-style stack of dollar bills with their bare breasts. But the days when a nipple made a regular appearance are supposedly long gone after the place got in trouble with officials for not being licensed for public exposure. Today, this Pompano Beach bar still serves up a sea of cleavage, just a tad more timidly. The place proudly advertises itself as a smoking lounge, and the air is thick with the smell of cigarettes and booze. If you like your meal with a good smoke, stop by for the lunch special, priced at just $5.50 and offered from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Although the kitchen closes around 7 p.m., it offers standards like flame-grilled hamburgers and chicken fingers as well as options like their special grilled ham and cheese sandwich or country fried steak for $6 to $10.

1. The Elbo Room

If you're not from around here and read the travel brochures, you'd think Fort Lauderdale's oceanfront strip was nothing but high-class establishments and oceanside bars that serve giant daiquiris. But they're missing a description of Fort Liquordale's more permanent fixture, the dive bar of the spring breakers known as the Elbo Room. Since it was established in 1938, the landmark bar has survived more wet T-shirt contests, drunken brawls, and abuse from nature (a Category 4 hurricane couldn't take this place down) than can be imagined. Want to check out the action? It's probably the only dive -- or bar, for that matter -- with its own web-cam monitor. And even though it smells like piss and vomit most of the time, the fact that it's half outdoors helps to keep you from vomiting yourself. It's also a dive with a view, located at the corner of A1A and Las Olas, directly across the street from the waterfront boardwalk.

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