Trader Joe's (Finally) Announced for Fort Lauderdale in 2015

Trader Joe's (Finally) Announced for Fort Lauderdale in 2015

Finally, the angry mob yelling "What about Fort Lauderdale?!?!?!" every time another South Florida Trader Joe's location is announced will be silenced. In 2015, you Fort Lauderdalians will have your very own TJ's. Rejoice!

Your rejoicing will, of course, do nothing for the scores of commenters who complain bitterly about all this excitement over a freaking grocery store, but we can't have everything, can we?

The Trader Joe's setting up shop in South Florida's Venice will be located at 1590 N. Federal Highway in Fort Lauderdale, a few blocks north of Sunrise Boulevard.

In case you somehow were not aware -- which frankly seems impossible at this point -- Trader Joe's is a line of organic grocery stores so awesome, charming, and cheap that it has a cult-like following among its shopper and shopper-hopefuls.

If you thought Florida's obsessive love for the Publix sub was special, you haven't seen anything yet.

While not every product in the store is certified non-GMO, Trader Joe's has an extensive brand lineup of its own products that is. Its suppliers are required to provide TJ's with documentation proving that ingredients are strictly non-GMO.

The only Trader Joe's currently open in South Florida is in Pinecrest, though the Wellington location is opening May 16.

See also: Trader Joe's Wellington to Open May 16

After that comes Boca Raton, Delray Beach, and Palm Beach Gardens. Get the Hawaiian shirts ready, folks. It's a full-scale invasion.

You can contact Rebecca Dittmar, Arts & Culture Editor/Food Blog Editor at

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