Travel Channel's Andrew Zimmern Eats Giant Wildebeest Eyeball

Travel Channel's Andrew Zimmern eats weird stuff on his show Bizarre Foods. In fact, that's pretty much the whole premise of the show. Andrew puts weird crap in his mouth that most people wouldn't do on a drunken dare... with a million bucks and a Playboy Bunny on the line. But our guy Andrew hangs out and eats animal testicles, bats, scorpions, giant rats, squishy bugs, and iguanas with such relish that we sometimes wonder what we're missing out on (a little Tabasco and we're willing to try the tarantula... maybe).

This time, however, it seems Andrew has met his match. On location in Namibia, Andrew helps a local tribe hunt a 600-pound wildebeest. He says that most of the meat will be donated to a local orphanage, but the tribe has saved a few choice bits for him -- namely, two giant eyes stuffed into a stomach and flash-cooked. "I generally like eyeballs, but I've never had one this big, cooked so briefly," he says as he pops one into his gaping yaw. "That's not good," he proclaims, likening the taste to a gamey plastic flip-flop.

Andrew will be at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival's Grand Tasting Village and "The Best Thing I Ever Ate" event. Let's hope he's telling tales and not presenting a dish. Watch Andrew chow down on a giant eyeball after the jump... if you dare.

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