Treasure Trove Renews Lease

Treasure Trove Renews Lease

Taco Tuesdays are here to stay. On Friday, Treasure Trove hammered through negotiations with landlord Sophia Enterprises Inc. to allow the bar to remain open. The beloved dive has been a Fort Lauderdale institution owned by Jeff Rudd for 17 years.

"The landlords thought a couple of beachfront properties were expanding

and they saw dollar signs," said an employee to Clean Plate Charlie

yesterday. Since it's not the case in the near future, the landlords dropped the steep rent hike and have promised not to raise the rent for the next three years. Sophia Enterprises had originally intended to double the

rent to $8,000 a month in 2012.


to 2011 county records, the building and land value for Treasure Trove

is $2,719,470. New Times was not

able to reach principals of the company for comment.

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