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Trend Alert: Beer Blends

​​When I spent a semester in England for grad school, I found myself craving a Black and Tan at my local. I placed an order with the old man bartender, who poured me two full pints --one of Guinness and a second of New Castle. "Do it yourself," he said. Stupid American ordering Irish drinks ( though it's not really poured in Ireland either.) It's like I ordered a wine spritzer.

Fast forward a few years, move south to an area that's earnest about craft brews, and you've got bartenders pouring all sorts of mixes with gusto. This is different from beer cocktails, of course. With the exception of an Irish Car Bomb, It seems we're not ready to cut our beer with booze on a regular basis. After the jump, five beer hybrids. 

The Dark Shark

Guinness poured over a variant of Dogfish Head IPA

The Charlie Brown
An Octoberfest or a pumpkin ale cut with a pale ale

Dog Milk
Dogfish 90 Minute IPA and Left Hand Milk Stout

Black Magic
Guinness poured over Magic Hat #9

Snake Bite
Lager and cider

And for our non beer drinkers, Tap 42 blends its two ciders on tap, the Strongbow and Vermont's Woodchuck. Why do it? I gather to blend tart and dry. 

This morning, I'm kind of craving a coffee-beer combo, a fresh variation on Mikkeller Geek Breakfast that's brewed with French press. Calling Riverside Market. . . . 

Drinking beer blends lately? Tell us your favorites in the comments.

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