Twerk Your Turkey: Logo TV's Bird Has All the Wrong Moves (Video)

We're calling it right here and now:

Twerking has officially jumped the shark.

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First Miley Cyrus twerked with a foam finger, giant teddy bears, and Robin Thicke. Then, the cast of Glee devoted an entire episode to it.

If you think that's bad enough, wait until you see a naked, dead bird twerk.

That's right folks, Logo TV as released Twerk Your Turkey, an insane video that features your favorite Thanksgiving ingredients dancing up a storm to the most fiendishly catchy dance mix in the history of time. Don't believe us? Try to get the song out of your head. This earworm will have you singing the catch phrase long after your turkey-induced tryptophan stupor has worn off.

Logo released the insane video as an answer to the "stress of the family Thanksgiving dinner", calling the video "so-wrong-it's-right" and asking people to partake in "Friendsgiving" with their besties instead of having an awkward meal with Aunt Velma once again.

Whether you choose to spend your holiday with the family you're born into or the family you make, take a minute before you stuff the bird to watch him work it.

Sad part is, this creature has more sex appeal than Miley ever had.

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