Twist Lick & Dunk For Oreo's 100th Birthday at BJ's Warehouse in Boynton Beach

It's hard to believe the Oreo is 100 years old.  In a world where people are obsessed with the "next new thing", this simple chocolate sandwich cookie is still favored by everyone who needs something to go with their lonely glass of milk.

Oreo has gone all out at birthday time. Manufacturer Nabisco has set up a birthday website for the cookie, complete with country crossover band Lady Antebellum wishing the cookie a happy birthday, games, and an opportunity to play Oreo arcade games.

Nabisco has also introduced a special birthday cake Oreo, complete with sprinkles inside the creme filling, and parties are springing up to celebrate the baked treat.

Today, BJ's Wholesale Club in Boynton Beach is inviting kids of all ages

to compete in the Twist, Lick, and Dunk contest.  From 4:00 p.m. - 6:00

p.m., participants will compete to be the first to "twist" open an Oreo

cookie, "lick" off the creamy filling, and "dunk" the chocolate cookies

into a glass of milk, before eating the cookies and drinking the milk. 

Winners will receive prizes.

The contest is free to participate and open to both B.J's Wholesale Club members and non-members.

BJ's Wholesale Club
1540 W. Boynton Beach Boulevard
Boynton Beach, FL  33436

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