Two Restaurants Closed Over Roaches, Possible Food Contamination

We hear it everywhere - from the news, cooking shows and our mother - don't let raw chicken and meat play with your vegetables and for God's sake WASH YOUR HANDS!

These food prep rules are so basic, any five year old who's ever helped mom in the kitchen knows them. Unfortunately for two local restaurants, someone forgot the two basic rules and were closed by health inspectors from the Florida Department of Business and Regulation. Here's the scoop:

China Kitchen, Greenacres

On January 5, inspectors on a routine inspection of China Kitchen found the following:

  • At least 25 live roaches hidden among paper bags stored on a shelf under a table located by the kitchen entrance.
  • Raw eggs stored over broccoli, raw chicken & raw peking duck stored over scallions in the walk-in cooler.
  • No soap in the bathroom sinks.
  • The cook touching pork and vegetables with his bare hands (remember there's no soap in the bathroom).

A follow-up inspection on January 7 saw the restaurant reopened.

Bluefire Grill, Palm Beach Gardens 

On January 10th, a routine inspection of Bluefire Grill found the following:

  • 15-20 live adult roaches and 15-20 live baby roaches found in the kitchen.
  • No hand dryer by the sink.

A same day follow-up inspection saw the restaurant reopened.


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