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Underground Dining Groups: Q&A With Robert Burr and Andrew Lazo of Tiki Horror Club

​This marks the LAST of the underground dining groups miniseries. 

We hope that this list has brought you some insight into the obscure world of underground dining groups. We also hope that we've inspired you to open your palates and explore new tastes. Starting your own group? Let us know -- we'll add you to the list. If that idea's too much of a hassle, be sure to at least join one of the groups on the list. If you've missed any of the past groups featured, you can check it out here, here, here, and here

The whole shebang ends with the most oddball of the group, Tiki Horror Club, serving creative and tasty cocktails and cheesy films. Meet Robert Burr of the Tiki Horror Club. Name sound familiar? He's the son of the notorious local rum aficionado and expert Robert Burr, same name. Yes, confusing. The group, not so much. 

Rob talks about the Rum-yyy good time after the jump.

Clean Plate Charlie: How did the Tiki Horror Club originate, and who are its founders?
Robert V. Burr: I decided early on that if I wasn't going to get experience in a bar making all of the rum recipes that I had collected over the years, then I better find another outlet. Enter my partner in crime: Andrew Lazo. One fateful night, Andrew brought over a piece from his "archives" and I made us a couple of cocktails for the viewing. You see, I have always been a big fan of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 and can't help but poke fun at any movie I watch that's similar. We had our lightbulb moment that night: We should invite over other friends that might enjoy this too! It started with a couple of friends and snowballed into bigger and bigger groups at my tiny little apartment. Eventually, after a particularly raucous evening, we reached the threshold -- call it a critical mass. I decided that my little space was just too small for this, so we looked for a public venue and found Big Game Liquors. They've taken great care of us, and we are forever indebted to them for allowing us to use their space for our events.

Andrew Lazo: Zombie Rob and I would do this on a regular basis just for shits and giggles. My real lightbulb moment came when I told the umpteenth friend about what I had planned for the night and they asked if they could join in, since it sounded fun. That's when it hit me that this was a marketable idea.

Robert V. Burr: We couldn't have done this without the support of our friends and family, but Papa Lazo and I are the original founders and event organizers. 

Andrew Lazo: Creatively, it's been Rob and I all the way. The best part about the creative interaction is that we each don't work exclusively with only one aspect of the events. For example: I'll occasionally come up with a new drink recipe to add to our event menus, or Rob will find a real schlockfest film that we must use.

What is the mission of the group?
Robert V. Burr: Our mission is to celebrate bad movies by making fun of them and pay tribute to good cocktails one sip at a time. We would love to see chapters of the Tiki Horror Club pop up anywhere like-minded individuals may be -- all it takes is a little bit of bad taste and a little bit of good taste. 

The events have solely been hosted at Big Game Liquors in Coral Gables. Is there a specific reason for this, and will you change the venue?
Robert V. Burr: Big Game has been very good to us, and we'd love to continue at their venue. We do, however, keep an eye peeled for other possible venues that will be able to meet our needs as our operation grows.

Do you want the group to become mainstream, and if so, what are you doing to achieve this goal?
Andrew Lazo: We're trying to grow our fan base right now and plan on putting together some larger annual events. We're also working on developing some exclusive club merchandise for distribution amongst members. As it stands, we're happy with a fairly underground, "in the know" crowd, but we won't shed any tears if we're approached by corporate sponsors. 

Give me some ideas that are brewing in your head for future events.
Andrew Lazo: I'd like to think that our master plan is, simply put, to bring the unique brand of fun that is Tiki Horror Club to as many people as we can. While not trying to show too much of our hand, we do have plans for holiday-themed events, with that special Tiki Horror Club twist (of course) and some big-deal events that will become our anchor events. 

Find and join the Tiki Horror Club on Facebook.

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