Undoing the Deep-Fried Life and Other Links

Read on for today's link compilation.

Frank Bruni writes on how chefs who encourage dining decadence stay healthy behind the scenes. 

His piece

 in the

New York Times

is a thoughtful response to the "unsettling" revelation that Paula Deen has only now revealed her diabetes, three years after diagnosis.

The fragile but beautiful Temple oranges from here in Florida are now in season. Have you seen them yet, or are they all being shipped elsewhere?

Eater.com reports that Jose Andres is creating the "coolest food truck in America" back in D.C. for an "exclusive" Miami crowd. 

Michael Bauer from the San Francisco Chronicle addresses his dining pet peeves, among them, seating early diners at the worst table in the house. What are yours?

What you'll be eating at Coachella, including some "terrible vegan shit," a menu compiled from Food Is the New Rock.

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