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[UPDATED] Get Your Brew On at Whole Foods' Beer-Off

Update: Whole Foods has reached capacity for the beer-off. However a representative of the Coral Springs store said that people cancel frequent and to call back closer to the date to see if spots are available.

To honor this year's ritual of very large, steroid-addled dump trucks beating the crap out of each other on weekend afternoons, otherwise known as the NFL playoffs, the Coral Springs Whole Foods Market will be holding its four annual Beer-Off, a head-to-head (heh, heh) competition between eight different microbrews, decided by a panel of 50 drunken louts, er. . . "opinionated beer enthusiasts." 

And one of those louts, I mean, enthusiasts, could be you. Whole Foods is looking for a few good beer-swilling men willing to put their urinary tracts on the line to sample the featured brewskis and give their vote for the best.  

The panel is limited to the first 50 alkies, or rather, enthusiasts, who show up at the market's customer service desk, register and prove they know the difference between hand-made artisan beer and mass-produced pisswater. Actually, that last isn't true. You have to prove you're over 21. You won't get paid, but you might get gassed. Or you can just show up and watch. 

Among the beers tasted will be Dogfish Head Midas Touch, Cigar City Maduro Brown Ale, Holy Mackeral Panic Attack and Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA. Urp. . .

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Bill Citara