U.S. Army Culinary Arts Team Takes World Cup Gold

Great food and the US military are rarely mentioned in the same sentence. In fact, Army mess hall dinners and Meals Ready to Eat are associated with the worst eating experiences for good reason. 

Imagine everyone's surprise, then, when the Army's Culinary Arts Team (didja even know they had one?) came home with a gold medal from the 2010 Culinary World in Luxembourg this month. 

The team also won a bronze medal in the hot food competition and placed sixth overall in the international military competition.

And the army team didn't have to pull rank or brandish weapons to win: they simply competed against seven military teams from around the globe and were judged according to standards set by the World Association of Chefs.

Fair and square.

"After years of training, we are excited to take home a gold medal from this prestigious competition," said Chief Warrant Officer Russell Campbell, the Culinary Arts team manager. "The team was honored to represent the United States and proud to show off the U.S. Army's culinary skills."

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