Valentine's Day 2013 in South Florida: From Pricey Prix Fixe to DIY Dates

Whatever your budget or personality, chances are good that your Valentine's Day plans will incorporate food and/or drink at some point in the game. There's no one-size-fits-all definition of romance, so the New Times' 2013 guide to V-Day in Broward and Palm Beach counties covers the bases with everything from over-the-top, high-end dinners in fancy-pants restaurants to a sweet, low-key picnic on the beach. Hell, there's even something in it for the Cupid haters.

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Most of the restaurants and special activities included in the New Times guide require advance reservations -- you do not want to wing it on February 14 -- so you'd better get down to the business of shoring up plans, like, immediately.

Other suggestions, like curating a collection of sweet treats from local specialty shops including Cupcake Couture in Delray Beach, will require a bit of legwork and shouldn't be left until the night before. In short: Do not procrastinate.

While the gastronomic delights vary wildly on Valentine's Day, here's some universal food/holiday advice to consider (it's something that will be immediately familiar to fans of Dan Savage). To paraphrase the seminal sex columnist a bit, get busy before getting down to that heavy, five-course meal and multiple bottles of wine. You'll thank Dan later.

Read the full Valentine's Day guide.

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Tricia Woolfenden