Valentine's Day in South Florida: Everything You Need to Know

So, knowing what we do about about the Catholic Church, saints, Christianity, and religious types in general, getting people laid on February 14th probably wasn't what St. Valentine had in mind - nor the Vatican when they beatified him.

The story of St. Valentine is complicated, vague, and steeped in mysterious history. There is also more than one St. Valentine, but the story connected with romantic love is the Valentine who was imprisoned for performing marriages for Christians who were being persecuted by the Romans. Even from his cell, he kept marrying folks.

How that evolved into red heart boxes full of chocolate, chalky little candies, and scandalous lingerie... Well, that was probably our fault. But, hey! It sure is fun.

Here at Clean Plate, we love Valentine's Day. We love romance. We love love. We even love to hate on happy couples and their stupid unfair happiness and their rubbing it in our faces once a year!!!


For that last few weeks we have written one post after another about V-Day events, deals, happenings, dinners, chocolates, and more.

We even have a list of events for those, err, lucky single types who still have enough hope lingering in their withered hearts to want to find some love.

Since romance is complicated enough, we have compiled all of our compilations into one beneficent post here for your convenient reference. (Surely this will be the act that gets us beatified like ol' Val.)

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Valentine's Day in Palm Beach County: Where to Find the Specials

Valentine's Day in Broward County: Where to Find the Specials

Five Valentine's Day Cocktails to Romance Your Sweetie at Home (Recipes)

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