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Valentine's Day Special: Chocolate Dessert Menu at Bongo's Cuban Cafe at the Hard Rock

So you think you've got everything planned out: Breakfast in bed (among other things), flower delivery with a sappy note attached, slippery satin undergarments, dinner reservations, and ummm... the same old boring box of chocolates that everyone and their mother is receiving this Valentine's Day.

Chocolate is a necessary component for Valentine's Day -- it's a tradition, it's an aphrodisiac, and it's delicious (there's always the gym!) -- but what can you do to make your chocolate-giving experience different this year?

Picture this -- the moon, the stars. Atop a sexy-chic rooftop, you and your significant other lounge in a cabana with a glass of Champagne and a dark chocolate fountain along with a buffet of tempting desserts with skewers for dipping.

Yeah, that's the same thing I thought... pricey and unattainable.


This year, Bongos Cuban Café in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino are providing a special, one-of-a-kind Valentine's Day Chocolate Dessert Menu for only $35 per person. The dessert extraordinaire will take place on the Sky Lounge and will be set up among the cabanas with a chocolate fountain, rosé-champagne, and a list of yummy handmade treats for dipping:


Lemon poppy-seed poundcake

Banana lollipops

Long-stem strawberries

House-made marshmallows

Sweet pineapple spears

Chocolate raspberry minicakes


Crispy Bacon

Mini Donuts


And as if that were not enough, there will also be a sinful selection of house-made bonbons and truffles!

This way to end your evening definitely beats a boring box of chocolates!

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Nikki Braverman