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Vanilla Ice Loves Pond Yum! Popsicles From The Vegan Cafe in West Palm Beach

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Our favorite is also one of Rob Van Winkle's, too. The Pond Yum pops made by a Vero Beach-based company known as Hero Pops. Owned by Michael Haggerty, Hero Pops offers a variety of vegan, gluten-free popsicles, drinks and smoothie boosters made using 25 percent living blue-green algae and spirulina.

However, the most intriguing menu items aren't frozen pond scum or made-to-order; they're made to take home. Also known as Moe's Fermenteds, Senechal has created a full line of artisanal, raw, probiotic-infused fermented foods that feature everything from wasabi peas and sauerkraut, to Giardineria -- an Italian-American pickling of carrots, celery, cauliflower, onions and zucchini. Unlike many grocery store fermented foods, Moe's Fermenteds are made with local, organic ingredients in small batches and are unpasteurized for ultimate nutritional value. Many raw vegans consider fermented foods to be a critical part of their diets, providing essential bacteria that aid in digestion and enhance or fortify the immune system.

According to the Moe's Fermenteds website, some of Senechal's most unique products include kvass, a traditional eastern European beverage originally made from fermenting stale bread, but today made with beets and used to help cleanse the liver and restore electrolyte imbalance. You'll also find kefir, a combination of coconut water and fermented milk from local micro farms that offers a combination of bacteria and yeast touted for its health benefits. They also make their own kombucha, or fermented green tea.

The Vegan Cafe is located at 5075-B Okeechobee Boulevard in West Palm Beach. Visit or their Facebook page, or call 561-318-5045. To schedule a fermentation lesson, or to buy kefir cultures and kombucha SCOBY, contact Moe at [email protected].

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