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Vega Lounge Hosted Florida Beer Company Tasting, New Saison Revealed

This past Friday, the Florida Beer Company came out to Pompano's Vega Lounge to give the public a taste of what's brewing for its upcoming 2014 production season.

FBC brewer Bobby Gordash and area representative Corey Brysman were on hand at the chic beer, wine and cigar bar offering up samples of the company's current lineup of Swamp Ape double IPA, Key West Southernmost Wheat, and Florida Lager. In addition, there was an opportunity to sample a recently brewed pilot batch of a farmhouse saison that will enter full production next year.

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"We are shooting for a beer that's very flowery and reminds of springtime," Gordash commented. "We use hibiscus, rose hips, and saw palmetto berries in the beer."

This pilot farmhouse saison boasts 23 IBUs (or International Bittering Units) and holds an 8% abv. The aroma is quite flowery, and has a mild herbal character to it. There is a distinct hit of honey sweetness that is encompassed by champagne-like effervescence and dryness. It ends slightly bitter like a dry champagne as well. This is a straight-up homage to a classic French farmhouse beer.

The Vega Lounge was accommodating to everyone who came out, supplying us with some proper wine glasses for the enjoyment of this saison. The accompanying bottle shop was a treat; I found a couple of beers that are normally sold out everywhere else readily available for purchase.

We'll be waiting for its commercial release this spring.

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