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Vegan Black Metal Chef Returns: Season Two for Internet Cooking Star (Video)

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Well, hail seitan -- the dark lord of tofu and sesame oil has returned for another season of Vegan Black Metal Chef. The popular online cooking show also functions as the alter ego for Florida native Brian Manowitz, whose fun and twisted take on vegan cooking has earned him a dedicated following beyond the vegan and black metal niches.

After taking a short break following a successful ten-episode first season, Manowitz returned this week with season two's first episode; "Sesame Tofu From the Abyss." The episode features a shorter intro song (bummer), but, as with all of the VBMC videos, the entire episode is set to original music by Manowitz.

It's also full of the tongue-in-cheek, but surprisingly useful, instructions that typify his work. For instance, you don't just slice veggies for the mix, you "draw and quarter the mushrooms" after scavenging for your ingredients "under the crimson moonlight." Next, one must "invite the dark lords into your vegetables." And a sauce that needs plenty of sugar also calls for "your hatred and spite."

The production values appear to have improved with this new season, though familiar props, like the pentagram cutting board and an ornate knife, remain. The veggies hanging from meat hooks in the start of the video are a nice touch, as is the "demonic spork."

Check out the newest episode below and be sure to share it with any friends who think that vegans are entirely too self-serious, because, c'mon: This dude rocks.

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