​What do Oreos, 7-Eleven apple pies and those Dollar Store staples Mrs. Freshley's Oatmeal Creme-filled Cookies all share in common? Besides their empty wrappers stuffed between my car's backseat? That's right, all three are vegan. But while these PETA-approved snacks can satisfy a sugar craving in a pinch, calorically, they can be the vegan equivalent of a KFC Double Down and often pale in comparison to a real, homemade vegan dessert. If you are in search of said homemade sweets, (sans eggs, milk or butter) we bring you the Vegan Cooking Series - Dreamy Desserts.

Vegan Cooking Series: Dreamy Desserts

Once a month, Whole Foods Health Starts Here Specialist Dianne Tyrrell performs cooking demos on the vegan tip, live in the cafe. This month, the focus is on dessert.  Give Nabisco the boot for good and learn how to make your own Chocolate Truffles, Raw Sweet Potato Pie and Very Berry Ice Cream. The class is this Monday at 6:30 p.m. at the Whole Foods Coral Springs location (810 University Drive, Coral Springs) Space is limited. Call (954) 753-8000.

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