Vegan Drinks Night Kicking Off at Yard House in Hallandale

Veganism can be a lonely affair. Sitting at the lunch table, you and your kale salad can feel pretty isolated alongside everyone else, with their pork rinds and turkey sammies.

Hence the introduction of Vegan Drinks Night, a kickoff event for the brand-spankin'-new MeetUp group, Very Vegan Miami. The event is going down at the Yard House in Hallandale Beach on Saturday, March 22, and we got all the the dirty details.

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Vegan Drinks Night is actually a national thing, hosted in cities around the country to bring like-minded herbivores together. Host Janay Laing, a copy editor by trade, is an enthusiastic promoter of all things meatless.

Laing was inspired to go vegan a couple years ago after attending an Earthsave potluck. Then, on a recent trip to Dallas she heard about Vegan Drinks Night, which she soon discovered was everywhere but here.

"I thought, 'It's in every major city, why isn't it in Miami?'"

After chatting with Lori Zito of Choices Cafe, who encouraged the endeavor, she decided to give it a go locally.

Laing chose Yard House for the first event due to their epic drink selection -- and special all-vegetarian Gardein menu. If all goes well, she'll host the event monthly at different locales.

"My mission is to build a stronger community of vegans," Laing adds. Lord knows South Florida could use it.

Vegan Drinks Night kicks off at 8:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 22 at Yard House, 601 Silks Run in Hallandale Beach. Anyone is welcome (getting sauced isn't required) and it's free to attend. You can RSVP online.

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