VegWeek Kicks Off April 20: Take the Seven-Day VegPledge

A year consists of 52 weeks. That's 52 Mondays (ugh), 52 Fridays (yays) and 52 Sundays (fundays). Given that meat makes its way into most of those weeks, Compassion Over Killing (COK) is asking people to forego animal products for just one of 'em.

VegWeek is an annual tradition, designed to help people explore the myriad benefits of meatless eating, from improved health to a smaller environmental impact to helping farmed animals. So if you're thinking about cutting back on or eliminating meat altogether, April 20 through 26 is a good time to give it a try.

The week revolves around the VegPledge, where participants agree to a 7-day, no meat commitment. Pledgers can sign their name online, and those who opt in get free coupons, recipes, and discounts from various partners of the program. 

"We’re sharing details about restaurant participation via daily emails that VegPledgers will get!" explains Erica Meier, executive director of COK. "Native Foods is one of our national partners and we’ll share more details soon." 

On the heels of March's Meatout, this is another way to spread awareness and help people realize that vegan food isn't bland or boring.

The week is supported by a whole host of notable names, from Senator Cory Booker to athlete Rich Roll to Esther the Wonder Pig. As NFL player David Carter, AKA the 300 Pound Vegan, said in his endorsement: "I challenge you to sign up for the seven-day VegPledge and leave the dead food diet behind. Your body will love you for it, and so will the animals and the planet." 

First launched back in 2009, the week gains steam every year.

"People are often surprised by how easy it is enjoy a full week of meat-free meals. Many people tell us how happy they are to also discover new veg foods they’ll continue eating after VegWeek," Meier adds.

Should you need eating out ideas to sustain yourself that week, try Green Bar Kitchen, Green Wave Cafe, Atlas Meat Free Deli and all the other veg-friendly options in Broward and Palm Beach. You won't even miss the meat.

New Times Broward Palm Beach Restaurant Guide: Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants

VegWeek runs from April 20 through 26. Learn more and take the pledge at

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