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Virginia Philip Wine Shop & Academy Offering Wine Immersion Course Starting Tomorrow

Wine is a bit of a tricky subject. Most people drink it. Few people really know the intricacies of pairing it well.

However, on those rare occasions in which you just happen to stumble upon an amazing food and wine pairing, the results are phenomenal--like an explosion in your mouth.

Fortunately, for you winos, there are people who are here to help you learn to create those perfect pairings with intent--i.e. not with beginner's luck.

Starting tomorrow Virginia Philip Wine & Academy is offering an eight week immersion course for industry professionals and anyone who wants to learn more about wine.

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Taught by Master Sommelier, Virginia Philip--the tenth women in the world to be awarded the title--the eight week course will cover the basics of all things wine. Comparable to an introductory sommelier course, it will explore the foundations of tasting, methods of winemaking, and the characteristics of wines found in regions around the world.

"Every student gets the opportunity to participate and we spend a great deal of time talking about food pairings," said Richard Paladino, one of the Advance Sommeliers running the class, "They should expect to learn wine laws and appelations, growing regions of grapes, soil and weather factors for France, Italy, North America, Spain. etc. One class is devoted entirely to Sparkling wines of the world."

Starting tomorrow, the classes meet every Tuesday from 2 to 4:30 pm. The cost is $995 per person for the entire course. It is only offered two to three times per year. While the cost might seem a tad steep for the casual wine drinker, those serious about their vino might still want to consider it.

At the end of the eighth week, students will be given a final written exam in addition to a small blind tasting. A certificate is handed out upon completion. According to Paladino, "Most students who do well on this are usually prepared to pass Level 1 through the Court of Master Sommelier exams."

Virginia Philip Wine Shop and Academy is located at 101 N. Clematis St., Suite 150 in West Palm Beach. Call 561-721-6000, or visit

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