Visit Five Food Trucks in One Day - By Bicycle

Visit Five Food Trucks in One Day - By Bicycle

Some people spend their Saturdays glued to the couch, nursing away a hangover or watching bad reality TV shows. Or worse, both.

But you're not one of those people. You like spending Saturdays outdoors, with roadside adventures -- and food, served from a mobile source. 

Lucky for you, there's even more reason to get outside this Saturday.

Emerge Miami has put together a critical bike mass and food truck frenzy meet up in Miami.

Emerge Graffiti Bike Ride
Emerge Graffiti Bike Ride
photo by Emerge

The food truck trend that's popped up in response to the economic

downturn has blown up on a national level. In Miami, the mobile food

concept is burgeoning thanks to the use of social media.

The bike ride meets at  Brickell Metrorail station at 1001 SW First Ave. in Miami and leaves at 10 a.m. to go on a planned out bike route

that spans 12 miles. During the ride, cyclists make five stops to visit

food trucks that are participating for the event. The organizers

recommend to bring around $20-$25 in cash since most trucks accept cash


This is not an exclusive fixed gear ride or only for

mountain bikers, the ride is open to all levels and riders. Expect to go

a slow to medium speed over a three hour period which includes the five

stops and time to eat.

Stephanie Corenjo, Emerge organizer and

Miami resident, got the idea for combining bike riding with eating when

she first noticed the trucks in the 305. So, she contacted some truck operators to set up a ride to support local, on-the-move


"I love going out to eat and going to new restaurants," says Stephanie.


liked the idea of a mobile eatery," she explains about her response to

when she first saw the food trucks mid last year. At that time there

were four food trucks and now there's around 20. 


mission for  organizing the event is, "To highlight local food spots and

promote a variety of diets." Three of the trucks featured on the ride

have vegetarian and vegan options.

Exicited about food and bike

riding, Stephanie says, "I wanted to start a local eats ride series."

She organized the first ride of this kind in South Florida in June 2010,

called "Sweet Treat" ride whereas a group of 50 cyclists came together

and toured Miami bakeries.

Emerge Miami organizes bike rides

every second Saturday at 10:00 a.m. among other activities like pot

lucks and movie nights to get people in the community together.

Visit Five Food Trucks in One Day - By Bicycle
photo by Jefe's Original Fish Taco & Burgers

photo by Jefe's Original Fish Taco & Burgers

The Food Trucks

featured at the event are: Sugar Rush, Feverish Ice Cream, Latin Burger

& Taco, Jefe's, and the cleverly named, Miso Hungry. Oh, yeah.


sure to work up an appetite as you pedal along. But remember if you go,

to try not to eat and ride at the same time -- you'll look sloppy with

barbecue sauce on your shirt. 

Visit here, to sign up for the ride online and to learn more about the happening.

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