Vodka Spritzer? Absolut Tune Debuts Tuesday; Solange Knowles and Charlotte Ronson Host Promo Party

Have you ever thought it would be cool to make a vodka/white wine spritzer? Neither have we. But apparently, someone else has. Absolut will be releasing its newest product, Absolut Tune, touted as a sparkling fusion of vodka and white wine, on Tuesday. The company sent us a bottle to taste-test.

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The bottle emulates champagne -- curvy design with a cork that pops upon opening. The tight, swirling bubbles even resemble champagne, but honestly, there is no mistaking the absence of champagne taste. And, well, vodka finish. Similar to white or sparkling wine, the drink contains 14% alcohol by volume. 

In celebration of the launch, fashion designer Charlotte Ronson (sister of Lindsay Lohan's ex girlfriend, DJ Samantha Ronson) and Solange Knowles (sister of Beyonce), will be hosting the launch party at the Standard Spa in Miami Beach. Running from 8 to 11 pm, the party is slated to welcome "nightlife's newest darling."

The bottle says it's a combination of vodka, white wine, and carbonation; which is exactly what the flavor profile would indicate. Really the beverage tasted like a light sparkling wine with a vodka finish--kind of like adding vodka to a white wine spritzer.

We're betting some inventive bartender will come up with some interesting uses for this product. Vodka-sparkling-wine-mimosa-screwdriver anyone? We, on the other hand, will probably stick to normal wine, or vodka -- separately.

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