Vote for the Best Burger in Broward and Palm Beach Counties for 2012

The 2012 poll has closed. Click here after June 14 for the results.

Here's your chance to vote in our New Times Broward-Palm Beach Readers' Poll 2012 for your favorite burger. Text the code corresponding to your pick from the list below to 61721.

The results will appear in our annual Best Of Broward-Palm Beach issue June 14. Click here for a master list of Readers' Poll items, and be sure to cast your votes before the poll ends May 14.

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Big City Dogs: BRO69

Brother Tucker's: BRO70

BurgerFi: BRO343

California Burgers and Shakes: BRO71

Charm City: BRO72

Grease Burger Bar: BRO73

Le Tub: BRO74

Relish: BRO75

Rok: Brgr: BRO76

Big Bear Brewing Co.: BRO77

Jack's Old Fashioned: BRO78

Tap 42: BRO79

Gilbert's: BRO80

Georgie's Alibi: BRO81

Burger Fi: BRO82

Elevation Burger: BRO83

Smash Burger: BRO84

Tarpon Bend: BRO85

Sublime: BRO86

Duffy's Sports Grill: BRO87

Brewzzi's: BRO88

Brass Ring Pub: BRO89

Gratify: BRO90

Big City Tavern: BRO91

Burger Bar By Chef Allen: BRO92

Don't see your favorite on our poll? Send suggestions here.

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