Wake Up to Fresh Market Coffee
John Linn

Wake Up to Fresh Market Coffee

I'm a coffee fanatic. But, like Jimmy, I refuse to drink "shit." Insta-coffee? No thanks. Folgers? Please. Nearly anything preground? Step back with that, son.

Yes, when it comes to coffee, I have some distinct preferences. I like quality, whole roasted beans. I like them ground fresh before brewing, and then I prefer French press, which provides a richer, fuller flavor than a machine. What I have been drinking lately is coffee from Fresh Market.

Wake Up to Fresh Market Coffee
John Linn

The upscale market has a pretty decent selection of whole beans that

rotates seasonally. There's a good spread of fine, regional coffees

like Kona and Blue Mountain; strong, bitter varieties from Kenya and

Colombia; and blends from all over. They carry Fair Trade coffee from

Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico, and much of it is organic. And even

I'm not too much of a coffee snob for their flavored blends, including

rich hazelnut, and -- my personal favorite -- molten chocolate.

The molten chocolate coffee at Fresh Market is about as strongly

flavored as coffee gets. But I have to admit to really loving it. I

bought a bag of beans the other week at $9.99 per pound and have been

drinking it like crazy ever since. It tastes like a coffee milkshake --

especially when made with a French press, which makes it thicker and

fuller-bodied. I've been starting my day off with a mug of the stuff

ever since.

So truck down to Fresh Market and try some of their coffee out. While

you're at it, brew me a cup. Milk or cream, please. No sugar.


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