Andrew Zimmern talks balls on Watch What Happens Live.
Andrew Zimmern talks balls on Watch What Happens Live.
Laine Doss

Watch Andrew Zimmern Play Great Balls of Rapid Fire (Video)

The best thing about Bravo television might be Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. Even if you're not into botoxed bitches justifying their incredibly bad behavior, there's usually something for everybody....interactive drinking games, celebrity gossip, and some damn fine rapid-fire Q&A sessions.

Andy Cohen isn't only the host. He's Executive Vice President of Development and Talent for the cable network, which means that there's some intelligence and wit to go with the insane shenanigans.

For example, when Bizarre Foods' Andrew Zimmern stopped by the clubhouse (that's what the set is called -- much like PeeWee's playhouse) last evening, Cohen thought up the most awesome game to play with Zimmern.

The game? Great Balls of Rapid Fire. The rules? After Andy calls out an animal, Zimmern has to describe what the animals testicles taste like.

Some descriptors used included "barnyardy," "creamy," "tough," and "woolite."

Watch here to see which animal belonged to the "woolite" comment. Hint: even with ketchup, that sounds like a baaaaaad dining choice:

There's one food Andrew Zimmern won't eat (and it's apparently not testicles). To find out, click here.

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