Weed Butter: The Stoner Foodie's Secret Ingredient (Video Recipe)

Weed Butter: The Stoner Foodie's Secret Ingredient (Video Recipe)

Congratulations, Colorado. Not only are you one of the most beautiful places in the United States in which to visit, you're now the first state where the sale of recreational marijuana is legal to anyone age 21 or older.

That means that everyone in the rest of the country is now looking through their Facebook friends to find someone -- anyone -- they went to school with who lives in the Centennial State, to pay a visit.

And the absolute best thing about the legalization of marijuana in Colorado (besides the obvious fact that other states will surely follow), is the incredible pot recipes that are coming out of the state. From pot brownies to cookies, most of these recipes have one thing in common -- canna-butter (or weed butter).

Weed butter is exactly what you think it is -- pot-infused butter that can be used in any recipe where butter is called for. Think of the possibilities -- shrimp scampi, buffalo chicken wings, and birthday cake -- all made with weed butter.

It's like Paula Deen's fantasy come true! (Why do you think the "Lady" is always laughing so much?)

But, like anything, there's a right way and a wrong way to make weed butter. Treat it like any culinary project and the result is a beautiful, deep green butter that can be spread on toast or used in recipes.

There are many recipes out there, but we like Chef Eva's tutorial. She's the executive cannabis chef at the Cannabis Training University and she's created a professional video showing you how to make weed butter in your crock pot at home.

We're booking our plane ticket to Denver, as soon as we finish this blog post.

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