Weekend Blog Watch

Although Clean Plate Charlie is the only food blog you really need to read daily, some people just can't get enough. Here are some highlights of other food blogs.

The South Florida page of Dine Mag is packed with news of upcoming chef related events and plenty of reviews of eateries. Most interestingly this week, Dine Mag points out some of the best foodie Twitter accounts.

Many food blogs focus on niche, extravegant, and exotic foods. Not the Junk Food Blog. It's a blog for the anti-foodie, with reviews covering things everyone can find at their local grocer, like this review of Hagen-Daaz Orchard Peach Sorbet. I don't know why, but "It tastes very much like peaches" might be the funniest line I've read in a review this year.

Whisk labels itself a blog with musings on food, taste, and life. I find it a crime that they have a recipe like this one for Santa and snowman milkshakes. How on earth are you supposed to drink something so adorable?

Cooking with Amy takes her food blog a little deeper than most. She writes up panel discussions with chefs, interviews celebrities and celebrity chefs, and reviews food related books like this one on Hungry Monkey.

Finally, you might need something to wash all this food (or reading about food) down with. That's where the South Florida Beer Blog comes in. Beer reviews a plenty, and breaking news like this post alerting loyal readers of Dogfish Head Beer's new availability in South Florida.

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