Weekend Blog Watch
Last Supper in butter via mentalfloss.com

Weekend Blog Watch

Although Clean Plate Charlie is the only food blog you need to read every day, some people just can't get enough. Here are some highlights of other food blogs.

Fancy Fast Food takes everyday chain food and makes it beautiful to look at. No word if it can improve the taste, but it'll impress you from across the room.

Strictly speaking, Mental Floss isn't a food blog, but this post about butter sculptures is simply too good not to pass along.

Food Geekery reviews the Double Down from KFC. It's two fried chicken breasts, bacon, and a couple of kinds of cheese.

The Wednesday Chef combines musings on everyday life with food reviews and recipes like this one for Lemon Blueberry Buckle.

Finally, Chubby Hubby covers all types of food with a focus on Asian. What really made us fall in love with this blog is this recipe for spiked French toast. Any excuse to consume single malt scotch before 8 a.m. is a beautiful thing.


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