Weekend Blog Watch: Local Edition

Although Clean Plate Charlie is the only food blog you really need to read daily, some people just can't get enough. Here are some highlights of other food blogs, this time with a local focus.

Dinner Reviews focuses on Broward, Palm Beach, and Dade counties and... well reviews restaurants. The best part about these reviews is they aren't just quick three sentence write ups with a simple thumbs up/thumbs down wrap up. Instead, the reviews are in depth, well written, and updated on a regular basis.

Will Jog For Food has really taken off. With daily updates that cover eating well, excersising, and interesting food facts, WJFF isn't a guilty pleasure at all. Check out this July 4th edition of Food Fact Friday.

Did you know it's mango season? You would if you kept up with Miami Dish, where they have a full listing of events focusing on the tropical treat.

All Purpose Dark is a well rounded blog covering upcoming events, restaurant openings, and food reviews like this one of Tapas at Calafate Grill.

And my personal favorite local blog Burger Beast has everything you'll need to stuff yourself silly with delicious grease and fried potatoes. They even link to coupons for free food. That's how much they love you.

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