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Weekly Purge: Edition #3

What a week it's been. There are some Fridays where all you want to do is slink into a stiff drink and start the weekend a dozen or so hours early, and boy is this one of them. Gail was on vacay in the Big Apple this week, but still managed to come up with some great posts (details below, natch) while Lee manned the fort at home and I did a column for next week's Broward paper on where to find barbecue off the beaten path. Look for it next Wednesday - in the meantime, here's what happened with Short Order this week:

The roofs of many mouths were burnt cconcocting some fab grilled pizza.

It's food; it's porn; it's food porn.

Sink your teeth into this extra-special whopper from our own Brandon K. Thorp.

Tonight, we're going to eat Italian food like it was... er, 2005?

Gail reports from the front: Apparently, New York restaurateurs like to brag a bit. Who knew?

Miami's Chef Allen trims the beard.

Hasta luego, foodies.

-- John Linn

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John Linn

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